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Accelerate Global on a trajectory to scale-up impact globally as they welcomed 4 Board of Directors

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 APRIL 2022 – Youth-led social enterprise, Accelerate Global, are on an accelerated scaling up journey as they closed investment funding last November, bringing their valuation to RM 6.6 million ($1.5 million). This Malaysian based social enterprise has been operating since 2019 and their focus has always been clear and that is to empower and unleash the best in youths, developing youths into becoming independent, self-sustaining individuals through entrepreneurship, career and personal growth upskilling programs. Their recent success in garnering investors’ trust and achieving their investment goal through equity crowdfunding platform, Ethis Malaysia, allows them to scale both their impact and business through technology and innovation.

Accelerate, previously running their programs live albeit physically or online, found themselves drowning in demand and decided that it is time that their programs be made accessible to all youths globally. In line with this mission, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Raudhah Nazran armed up and appointed four Board of Directors namely, Ahmed Faris Amir, Chief Executive Officer of Impact Integrated, Surina Shukri, Former Chief Executive Officer of MDEC, Shareen Shariza Dato’Abdul Ghani, Managing Director of Sorga Innovation and Claudia Cadena, Founder & Principal Consultant of Thread Advisory, to further support and strengthen the organisation’s scaling up plans.

When asked in regards to the significance of this appointment, the 26-year-old CEO said, “I have always believed in teaming up with the experienced. As a social entrepreneur, it is important to partner, collaborate and surround oneself with the right people especially when building and creating both business and impact. I am thrilled to have them onboard and I cannot wait to witness Accelerate take on the global market.”

Onboarded on the 15th of January 2022, Board of Director, Shareen Shariza Dato’Abdul Ghani said, “Accelerate brings to youth a solution that is much needed to build an empowered and knowledgeable community. What is more inspiring is the conscious drive to inculcate strong technical and humanitarian values, allowing youths to become the best version of themselves. Indeed with these powerful tools we aim to build the next generation that are successful with a good character and a strong sense of purpose.”

Surina Shukri echoed her fellow Board Member expressing her faith in youth entrepreneurship, “I believe that developing youth entrepreneurs and leaders will unleash a new generation of changemakers who will not only improve society but help drive economic growth. I'm excited to be part of a dynamic high impact social enterprise and help drive its impact at scale.”

The efficacy of Accelerate Global’s upskilling programs are validated and proven given all of their graduates graduating from their Programs are either entrepreneurs or are employed thus recording a 100% success rate. With the rise in unemployment rate and the eerie inflation hitting our economy, Accelerate Global calls upon all youths, parents and partners to sign up to their e-learning platform launching in June to equip oneself with practical knowledge that will help youths take life head on. More information about Accelerate Global and the launch of their e-learning platform can be found on their website and instagram.

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