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The new frontier of Accelerate Global. Aceducation is our very own e-learning platform with a unique 1:1 model whereby for every subscription fee paid for, 1 underprivileged or marginalised youth will be given access to our platform. 

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What is Aceducation?

Aceducation is an e-learning platform encompasses of all Accelerate Global's signature programs such as entrepreneurship, career and personal growth! It's an e-learning platform for all. One that will democratise education and build the next generation of responsible leaders who are not only intelligent, resilient and courageous but also empathetic and compassionate. 


Who can benefit from this? 

All youths from the age of 15 years old to 35 years old! All of our courses are made friendly to high school students, undergraduates, graduates as well as working professional. There's something for everybody! 


How much is it and how can I subscribe to it? 

The annual subscription is only RM 300 (Less than RM 1 a day!) and you will also be impacting another youth whilst at it! We do have monthly subscription too. The monthly subscription is priced at RM 30. 

Aceducation is available both on App Store and Google Play Store. All you have to do is type "Aceducation" and click search! You too can access Aceducation via our Web App at


Corporate & Community Partnerships 

What better way to create impact than to partner with us and enjoy the corporate, community and university subscription rates? Not only will the people in your organisation learn and grow, you too will be helping the underprivileged youths learn! One transaction, double impact! 


Corporates and Community Partners

Interested in bulk subscription and sponsorships?

Talk to us now!

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