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Accelerate Global launches Aceducation, an E-Learning Platform to ensure no youths are left behind

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 JULY 2022 – The new chapter of Accelerate Global has begun after having celebrated the birth of their E-Learning Platform, Aceducation, in OpenHouse, KLCC yesterday. Founded in 2019, this youth-led social enterprise that aims to unleash the best in YOUths through upskilling programs, developing youths into becoming independent and self-sustainable made a bold move to enter into the tech space to ensure no youths are left behind.

The Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Raudhah Nazran when giving her speech yesterday said, “Aceducation is a platform that will birth the next generation of responsible leaders who are independent, self sustainable, courageous, innovative, empathetic and most of all compassionate. It is not just an e-learning platform. It is an e-learning platform for all. One that will democratise education and revolutionise the education system to a whole new level”.

When asked about how Aceducation is revolutionary, Raudhah further highlighted the unique 1:1 model whereby for every annual subscription fee paid for, 1 underprivileged will be given access to the platform thus providing equitable opportunities and education to all youths no matter who they are and where they come from. This makes Accelerate Global the first social edutech enterprise to really champion access to education for all.

The success of this launch symbolises Accelerate Global’s tenacity, grit and perseverance after having spent the first two years of their establishment to develop, improve and validate the efficacy of their courses. Courses that work and a platform that impacts others, Aceducation features all of Accelerate Global’s signature career, entrepreneurship and personal growth programs to ensure youths are given the tools they need to take life head on.

This social enterprise that started with zero capital has to date impacted over 7000 youths across Southeast Asia and has successfully garnered the trust from 69 investors both from local and abroad. Accelerate Global boasts a 100% success rate whereby all of their graduates are either entrepreneurs of their own or have secured employment.

With the eerie inflation and recession hitting our economy, Accelerate Global calls upon all youths, parents and partners to sign up to their e-learning platform and collaborate in order to multiply the impact. Accelerate Global also invites all corporations and multinational companies to partner up with them to help scale impact either through corporate sponsorship or CSR Projects.

Aceducation is now available on the Web App, Apple Store and Google Play Store. More information about Accelerate Global can be found on their website and instagram.

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Saurabh Verma
Saurabh Verma
Nov 22, 2023

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