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M(a)cropreneurs Accelerator Program (MAP) 

Are you an aspiring or a budding youth entrepreneur? This might be for you! 

Accelerate Global in partnership with Zak Capital is running a comprehensive 6 months Accelerator Program aimed at providing youth entrepreneurs free upskilling, mentoring and funding opportunities for them to kick start and/or scale their businesses! Youths chosen will stand a chance to receive a capital injection of up to RM 10,000 to kick start and boost their businesses thus turning their dreams into actual reality! 

What is MAP all about?

3 in 1 Program

An Accelerator Program providing youths with free of charge upskilling, mentoring and potential funding opportunity of up to RM 10,000 to kick start and boost their businesses upon graduating from the upskilling program.

After Working / Uni Hours 

The Program is 6 months with 2 months upskilling and 4 months one-on-one mentoring. There will be a maximum of 2 classes per week after working / uni hours to ensure convenience and to ease the youths' learning journey (Program begins in August 2023). 

Online / Hybrid Learning 

All of the upskilling classes and mentoring sessions will be conducted virtually via Google Meets with occasional physical meet-ups if and when convenient. The classes will also be recorded for revision purposes to ease the youths' learning journey.

MAP Program Breakdown 

Accelerate Global  Zak (English & Malay Posters Social Media).png

Am I eligible for MAP? 

Age Requirements 

The Program is open for all youths; Malaysian and non Malaysians residing in Malaysia who are between the age of 18-30 years old. Priority is given to those in need of funding. 

Business Idea

Applicants must be able to submit pitch deck with a clear business idea and business plan (Click here for a Pitch Deck Template). We highly encourage you to write about your prototype, pilot project and your traction if you have any. If not, a clear and viable business model including go-to market strategy would suffice. 

Track Record 

Applicants must be able to prove entrepreneurial experience (previous business ventures official/unofficial and no matter how small) / must be able to prove business operations through sales record. We welcome and accept entrepreneurs with unregistered businesses so long as they can include proof of previous sales and traction.


Applicants must be able to demonstrate and showcase long term plan of business viability and sustainability. We encourage applicants to include a 3-year plan and/or plan of exit if they have any (This will help us understand your goals and commercial motivation). 

Application is now open!

Application is on a rolling first come first serve basis. Official closing date is 13th of July but application may be closed earlier if we have identified the Top 15 youthpreneurs! 

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