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Accelerate Global & Alliance Islamic Bank: Economic Empowerment Program 

Helping Micro Entrepreneurs Grow Businesses & Increase Revenue! 

Accelerate Global in partnership with Alliance Islamic Bank is running a 3-Month Entrepreneurship Program aimed at helping micro entrepreneurs in Klang Valley grow and scale their business sustainably and effectively.  Both Accelerate Global and Alliance Islamic Bank believe in the power of entrepreneurship to bring about economic resilience not only for the entrepreneurs themselves but also for the country as a whole.  

What is this program all about? 

3 Months Program

The program is free and is covered fully by Alliance Islamic Bank. The entrepreneurs participating in this program will go through one month of upskilling and two months of group mentoring with industry experts. There will be a maximum of two classes per week and all classes will be held after working hours and/or based on the preference of the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs too will be given the chance to network with the industry mentors before they are paired with them to build a bond and to ensure effective mentor-mentee pairing.  

Online / Hybrid Learning 

The classes will be conducted virtually via Google Meets with occasional physical meet-ups such as induction dinner, site visits, mentoring and graduation. The cost of attending physical events are covered by Alliance Islamic Bank. 

Company Formation & Potential Funding 

The program also includes allocation for the entrepreneurs to formalise their business and open up a bank account thus helping them expand customer database especially those in the online business industry. There is also potential funding from Accelerate Global of up to RM 3,000 to be given to entrepreneurs deemed fit in order to help grow their business! 

What are the topics covered?


Who is eligible for the program?

Household Income 

The program is curated specifically for entrepreneurs whose total household income are below RM 3,400 as per the revised average income threshold announced by the government of Malaysia. 

Business in Operations 

Entrepreneurs interested to participate in this program must be able to prove that their business is already in operations through sales record, marketing materials and/or business transactions via WhatsApp and/or any other medium of communications. We welcome and accept entrepreneurs with unregistered businesses as long as they can proof that their business is currently in operations. 

Age / Other Requirements

The program is open to entrepreneurs between the age of 25 - 45 years old who reside in Klang Valley (Selangor and Kuala Lumpur). 

Apply now! 

If you are a fellow NGO and/or social enterprise, feel free to apply on behalf of your beneficiaries! 

If you are an entrepreneur and you meet the criteria mentioned above, apply now and be prepared to accelerate your business with us! 

*Registration closes on the 30th of December. Registration may close earlier than the date once the quota of 50 micro entrepreneurs is exhausted*

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